A Freshers’ Guide to Lancaster

Lancaster Uni Fresher’s 2018!

Firstly, welcome to Lancaster University! Everything can seem a little daunting at first, moving to a new town, but here is a helpful guide with useful tips that has been written by a Lancaster Uni student especially for Freshers.


  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with the events that are happening in your college for the week. It will be packed full with day time events and night time ones too. This will be key to meeting new people and joining in on the fun.


  • Registration!! People tend to think this is important to go to, however you need to go -by registering you will get your library card and actually become a member of the university which is vital. Do not forget to go at your allocated time!


  • One thing that I would say is a must during fresher’s week is familiarising yourself with campus. It’s a big place and you can easily get lost (I certainly did in my first week of lectures). If you are unsure of where places are, ask your reps to take you there. You will be thankful of this instead of walking in to the wrong room.


  • Fresher’s fair. It’s always jam packed every year but don’t let this put you off. This is your chance to find out about the 200+ societies the university has. You will be able to gather information about them and put your name down for potential sign ups. You can always join teams here too. it’s a great way to meet even more people and people from other colleges too.



  • Minor talks. You will all probably be hungover but they are a must if you are unsure of what to take. A lot of people come to the university without realising they have to do a different subject just for their first year. By going to the talks it will give you a further understanding of what you will be doing for the year, also you will find out if you think you are going to enjoy it or not. Again if you are not sure on this (or where to go) ask your reps they will be able to advise you.



  • If you have the opportunity, I would say it is definitely worth going into the town centre and getting to know it. This will be useful for nights out too in case you get lost. There are buses always leaving from the underpass to get there or you can drive in too. Parking is a nightmare, I find the best place is either market gate which is off common garden street or St. Nicholas Arcade which is off the A6. If you are looking for somewhere to do a food shop you have the option of Sainsbury’s in the town or Asda which is in Morecambe.



  • Joining sport teams. This can either be for your college or in the BUCS league for the university. You need to keep your eye open to when trails are as it is very easy to miss them especially if they are during fresher’s week. If you are unsure on when they are, search on Facebook for the sport as they are likely to have a Facebook group and ask on there.




  • Sugarhouse Wednesdays are the nights not to be missed. They are the best nights out, and the time where many societies have their socials (even those from Cumbria University)


Finally make sure you have fun and get involved with your college and the university as a whole, good luck!!

Written by a Smartlets Student


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