Information for Parents

Going to university is an exciting time for any student, from choosing the perfect course, meeting new friends and finding a new home away from home.

Smartlets is a family business. We have been the parents dropping their children off at uni but we have also been the student being dropped off, so we understand the important role parents, relatives and guardians play in guiding young people through this journey, of which getting the right accommodation is a huge part.

We are accredited by the National Landlord Association, the safety and security of our tenants is our priority. All of our houses have secure locking systems, internal thumb turn locks,  regular gas safety inspections and our fire alarm systems include heat and smoke detectors as standard.

Maintenance – We have a dedicated maintenance team to tend to any issues that arise during the tenancy period, should there be any problems.

Tenancy Agreement  – This is an important legal document which, once signed, places obligations on us as landlord, on the guarantor and on the student as the tenant. It must be read very carefully and as with all tenancy agreements, the terms are binding. As with everything, we are very approachable so if you do have any questions please pick up the phone.

Costs – There are no hidden costs or extra charges, we like to keep things as simple as possible and let common sense rule the day. All our houses are all inclusive so there should be no surprises!

We hope this helps, but if you do have any questions please let us know


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