Landlords – looking to sell?

  • Are you a landlord or property owner that is thinking about selling you home/investment?
  • Do you want to release your investment from property to use elsewhere?
  • Are you tired of the responsibility of being a landlord?
  • Do you need a change of location?
  • Is your property in need of renovation but you don’t want to spend the extra money?
  • Do you not want the calls about broken boilers and blocked sinks anymore?
  • Maybe you just live too far away to offer the service your tenants would expect?
  • Has the impending budget changes effected the way you view your investment?

If any of the above strikes a chord with you we would be happy to talk to you about purchasing your property and hopefully save you some estate agency fees! We are family business who have been buying, selling and renting houses for over 35 years so we know the process and only operate in a fair manner. Before you give that call to instruct an agent, why not give us a call to see what is possible.

Contact: [email protected] or if you would like to speak direct please call 07769580578


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