Tips on Lancaster Student Accommodation

How to find the best student accommodation in Lancaster?


Whether you are a PhD, a seasoned undergraduate or a fresher being pushed into finding your next year’s student house only weeks into term, you have to consider your options carefully. With so many things to think about, sometimes searching for student accommodation is not that easy, so here at Smartlets we have tried to list some key considerations to help you find the best place suited to you.

Location, Location, Location

KP Location

The first decision to make would be which is more important to you….to be close to University or close to Lancaster city centre?

The above question may be decided by your own situation, such as, do you have a car? Do you intend to walk/cycle to lectures? Would the bus be your main form of transport? We also tend to find that undergraduates want a taste of living in the city and all that it entails, while PhD students tend to want to have easier access to the university. You will be pleased to hear that Smartlets have accommodation that covers all the above and whichever option you decide you are only minutes away from university (one of the benefits of Lancaster being a small city). A very rough guide below shows main off campus students areas in Lancaster, with streets around The Park Hotel being central and main bus routes running on Bowerham Road and the A6.

Another consideration to think about when choosing the best accommodation for you is the package itself.


There are many options for off campus student accommodation in Lancaster, whether that be houses, flats, purpose built accommodation, bills included, some bills included, half rent over summer, differing contracts lengths – so it really can be a huge amount of information to take in. Based on our experience in Lancaster but also when we were students (not too long ago!), the simplest way is to opt for an all bills included package, this way there are no surprises and no arguments between housemates every time a bill arrives. We only offer accommodation in the form of houses as we try to make a “home from home” experience for our students, we also tend to find that there are no parking issues with houses.

How to find the ideal accommodation: A viewing is a must!

Lancaster offers quite a unique student housing market and the fact that the student rush for houses starts literally weeks after you have all met in fresher’s week is an example of that. With viewings starting in November and all our houses usually being let by Christmas it pays to be ahead of the game in your search for accommodation that suits you best. With that said (and we know it is difficult), it is worth making sure that you are all confident you will still be friends and more importantly want to live together when the contract starts months down the line.

So, once you have decided where to live and agreed who to live with, the only way forward then is to book viewings! Definitely make sure you have at least 3 viewings of different houses so you compare what is on offer and the standards, try and meet the landlord/owner so you can get an idea of the type of person you are dealing with. You will probably find that within 20-30 seconds of entering the house your gut instinct will tell you if this house is for you or not. Do not be shy in asking as many questions as you wish. Prepare beforehand if necessary and make sure you know exactly what will be included in the price you are paying. If promises are made concerning the house, make sure that these are written into the contract before signing.


Hopefully this has given you a brief overview of the student accommodation market in Lancaster, if you do have any questions please let us know, we are a friendly bunch at Smartlets!

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